Eat some delish goodness and still shed pounds

photo of fat burning foods for weight loss

Updated: July 2019

It's no longer news that if you want to lose weight, you have to make some kind of changes to what you eat. I mean it's why people go on diets. 

In one way or the other, the diet will limit the type of foods they can eat. But though restrictive, they can be effective (hey that rhymes). When you go on diets like the keto diet, you'll lose weight. Yes, there's been testimonies.

But that is work. You basically turn cold turkey on carbohydrates and you know what that means? No more pasta, no more rice, no more bread, and other things.

Not everyone is cut out for that kind of sacrifice and I get that. So what we have here are 12 foods that you can eat and burn fat.

You heard it right, you are not going to be limiting what you eat, in fact, you are going to be adding to it. 

Does that sound up your alley?. Let's get to the first one on the list.


Eggs tick all the boxes when it comes to a weight loss food. Eggs give you protein, and this increased your metabolism by about 20 % or more. 

When the metabolic rate of your body increases, your gonna burn fat. Eggs do just that, in fact, the increase it gives till last hours after eating. This, therefore, makes you feel full and you don't eat much.

Eating whole eggs have shown to protect the health of the heart and of course weight loss. There was this study that was conducted with 21 men. These ones who ate eggs for breakfast got a 16% body fat reduction than those who didn't.

So it's time for the eggs to spell your breakfast. You know what they say ‘3 eggs a day keeps fat away’ (actually I just made that up)

But really when you eat 3 eggs many times in the week, you'll be full and still burn fat.

Whey protein

Having protein in your system is beneficial. It helps in gaining muscles along with other health benefits. One of the trusted sources of protein is whey protein.

This guy does a good job of increasing the growth and preservation of muscles when losing weight. And among its contemporaries, it is best known for its ability to suppress appetite. 

I don't know how that sounds in your ears, but it's actually a good thing. When your belly isn't making silly noises, you don't eat. At least most people won't. But when you don't have an appetite, you're less inclined to eat something.

So your eating fewer calories will eventually reward you with weight loss. 

Whey protein is even known to help increase the rate at which fat is burned in the body and also promoting weight loss. 

Grab a whey protein shake for a snack or a quick meal. Which is just helpful when you're rushing out. You don't even need to sit down and start eating spoon by spoon. Just a quick protein shake and you're full, plus you still get to lose weight. Win win right (bring in the high five)


Avocados are a big DO when it comes to losing weight. If you are a fan of some avocado toast, you're in the win today, honey.

Avocados have been linked to being healthy for the heart and also being filling. Having a lot of fiber, this fruit helps you feel satisfied so that you don't get to gorge down the foods you don't need. That way it helps to keep unnecessary weight off.

Another thing that avocados do is that they help to reduce water retention and (wait for it) bloating. Yup. most of the time, it's not fat that's making your belly big, it can also be because of bloating.

Take care of that and you have a flat tummy. Avocados help to just that 

But hold on, don't you go grazing on loads of avocados. The recommended dosage is just about ⅓ of a large avocado. But if you've got a medium sized one, ½ will do too. 

Fatty fish

For me fish is delicious. don't know about you but smoked salmon sounds great for dinner. Why did I say that? Now all I'm thinking of is salmon.

But really fatty fish is really good for you. When we say fatty fish, we mean fish like salmon, mackerel, sardines, herring and other oily fish that are packed with omega 3 fatty acids. The fatty acid is what makes them fatty fish 

This omega 3 is helpful when it comes to inflammation and heart health but that's not what you're worried about.

So yes fatty fish will also help you lose weight. Being a high-quality protein food, digesting it will get you feeling full. Plus it also increases the metabolism in the body.

The science buddies say that it's beneficial to eat at least 100 grams of protein twice a week. This will help boost fat loss.


Oats are made of carbs and this is what your body mainly uses for fuel. Most times, when you want to lose weight, you'll be asked to cut the carbs.

And it's true cutting carbs does help the body rely more on fat for fuel. But something that oats in particular help you do is to speed up your metabolism. Whenever you hear a food that can help your metabolism, that's your best friend.

That's because the faster your metabolism the faster you lose weight. And that's what oats get you to do. When looking to lose weight, your choice should be flavorless oats.

Reason's that flavored oats are high in sugar. And if you want to lose weight, sugar is the bad guy. They could even do the opposite of what flavorless oats will do.


This is one fruit that is rich in fiber. And this helps to make you feel full. And when you feel full, the body doesn't ask for more food.

Besides, the calories that you get in berries are fewer than what you get with other fruits. And since you are provided with fewer calories, you'll have a reduction in body fat and also in weight. 

So you get to enjoy something absolutely delish while still burning fat at the same time. You know what this calls for, a blueberry smoothie fest. 

Something I would love to try is blending the different types of berry to form one lovely smoothie. Have you ever tried this, let me know, please

Olive oil

If you haven't gotten this oil, you've got to run to the grocery store right now and do a quick shopping. This is a must-have when it comes to cooking.

One thing that leads to eating unhealthy is using common vegetable oil to cook. Many cooking oils are loaded with some bad fats that won't do you much good. Olive oil is what you want to design your cooking pan with.

This oil is versatile and can be used for any cooking experience, plus it can be satisfying. With this, you'll be able to lose weight. 

Green tea

There's this antioxidant that is packed in green tea. It's called epigallocatechin gallate. That name is way too long to pronounce so why not call it EGCG.

This EGCG is excellent for weight loss, it gets fats to be released so it helps to increase the fat burning process in the body. This tea is also great at helping people lose belly fat.

While some can start to see some weight loss and fat burn in other parts of the body, one place that almost everyone struggles with is the belly. It is kind of hard to burn off the fat in there.

But with green tea, it's much easier. But there have been some arguments that green tea has a very little effect on weight loss.

It all comes down to the person. The effects you get from green tea is different from person to person. And also not everyone will take the same amount of green tea. Some will take more, others, a little less.

4 cups of green tea should be enough to get the required benefits and burn more calories. If you want to kick it up a notch, try going for matcha green tea as it has a lot more antioxidants


Who’s in for some beautiful dose of kale for dinner? Yes, veggies can help you lose weight. They are rich in minerals and they have a lot of water in them

They have little or no fat content so at least, you won't have that weird thinking that your eating fatty food will build up fat in your body (for the record, it won't)

But getting some leafy greens in your meals will help to increase the metabolic rate in your body will only equal to some weight lost.


Yogurts are filled with probiotics. And this helps you have a healthy gut and also. Reduces bloating, constipation and other things that spell good to your wellness

But when taking yogurt, you don't just want to look for any type of yogurt. What you should chase is the full-fat Greek yogurt. The reason for this is because is packed with CLAs that is conjugated linoleic acid.

This is taken popularly to help increase fat burning and weight loss. So skip the low-fat or non-fat yogurt and enjoy some full-fat. Besides this kind of yogurt will help to protect muscle when you lose weight.


These include pecan, pumpkin seeds, almonds, peanuts, walnuts, flaxseeds are high in magnesium plus they contain some healthy fats. The healthy fats provided in these nuts and seeds can give antioxidants which can help with inflammation.

You want to focus on almonds as they can serve as a great snack and get you to stay full which is the same effect that flaxseeds offer. Almonds are also a good way to lower cholesterol and blood pressure.

Also having the nuts in butter form can be a great option. 2 tablespoons of nut butter is plenty and should do

Coconut oil

Man, I can't stress enough the benefits of this bad boy.  First of all, coconut oil is packed with MCTs, medium chain triglycerides. Many MCT oils are usually extracted from coconut oils.

This MCT helps reduces the risk of heart disease. And of course, it helps with weight loss. It is known for its specialty at reducing appetite which only means lesser cravings.

This oil also helps to speed up your metabolism and you remember how we talked about how the metabolic rate of your body affects weight loss. 

Taking in 2 tablespoons of coconut each day should do the effects of burning fat for you. So spread on your cooking pan and get cooking with this buddy. Coconut oil is ideal for cooking with high-heat as it still stays stable at high temperatures.

If you've not been taking coconut oil regularly (yes I know you haven't), you want to start small like with 1 teaspoon then slowly work your way up.

What next?

So now you know the foods to eat to help you lose weight. So what are you waiting for? get eating. But you want to watch how high your hopes get. 

Yes, eating these foods will help you get some weight lost. Yes, you will shed a few pounds, but don't expect some jaw-dropping numbers off the scale.

Eating these foods are great if you are just looking to lose some kind of weight moderately. But if you are really looking to shed some serious pounds and take your weight loss to the next level, you have to do something with your diet as a whole.

One of the most guaranteed ways to lose weight remains cutting carbs and being at a caloric deficit. That is what the keto diet does. You don't need to live in the gym, you don't need magic pills, what you need is a proper diet.

Check out the beginner's guide to the ketogenic diet to see how keto works at defeating fat and getting you to your goal.