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Foods to lose weight quickly. Do you want to lose weight? Burning more calories than you actually eat with these 17 zero calorie foods will get you there. Plus they are quite delicious.

Updated: July 2019

Zero calorie foods? Whaaat!. 

I know, right?. I was in disbelief when I learned about this too. Does it even make sense for a food to have zero calories?

Well, I'll give you an answer, no. these foods don't have zero calories. “C’ mon Jason, you just called them zero calorie foods?”

I know and I call them zero calories because the body uses and burns more calories to digest these foods. The number of calories the body spends to digest the food is more than the actual amount of calories the food contains.

Confusing right? 

So let's say that lettuce contains 5 of calories. That just means that the body expends about 7 calories to digest it. So when the body spends more calories to digest the food that has a lower amount of calories, it's a zero calorie food

This process is called thermogenesis. And when the body does this, you get your dream body. And that's what we are all about at Aim For Fit. Achieving the body you want and if zero-calorie foods are going to get you that, go fetch them.

Zero-calorie foods to lose weight


Starting with A in no particular order is Asparagus. This comes in one shape, one size, but different colors. But you may very well be familiar with the green ones.

It comes in green, purple and also white. All of them being nice, healthy and packed with folate, Vitamin K, Vitamin B1, and fiber. A cup will give you 27 calories

While all of them do the same thing, word on the street is that purple asparagus gives anthocyanins and this helps the heart. 

If you really wanna enjoy your asparagus, add some seasoning and get grilling.


First of all, it has fewer calories, 18. So the body doesn't need to do much before it spends more than that. 

It can be really crunchy with its high amounts of water.  It also contains insoluble fiber and it might not get digest easily.

You can add celery as you cook your meals or you can just blend it as you make your smoothie.


Yup, onions made the list, or as I call it; the veggie that makes you cry. They can be delicious and juicy to eat raw, but I don't do it. Cause a few seconds later, you'll be wondering what died in my mouth.

But they are great for health as they contain lots of fiber and Vitamins. They come in white, red and yellow and they all have their unique taste. You get about 44 calories per medium onion

If you don't mind, you can just go ahead and chew them raw. You can also add it to your cooking or just grill it. 


Everyone calls this a superfood. And for good reason it is, it's is known as the vegetable containing the most nutrient.

It can help to reduce the risk of having cancer, lower inflammation, serve as a good detoxification option and also help increase the level of Vitamin D and K in the body.

And not to forget the fact that it only contains 34 calories per cup. Low in calories but also gets you zero calorie


This is broccoli's side-kick in their superhero escapades. Yes just like broccoli, it's a good option for fighting cancer.   

While the common type is the white head wrapped in green leaves, you can also find other variations like the orange or purple heads. You get about 25 calories per cup

If cauliflower isn't your thing, you can just roast it in the oven or take it with your best dipping or sauce.


One good thing about this veggie is that it is a rich source of Vitamin K. It is said you get way more the amount of Vitamin K that you need for a day.

It is really becoming popular these days and it just seems that every recipe has kale in it. You can also try to add it to your salads. That's what most people do

Or you can mix it with your smoothie. This is a great option you're not all down with the taste. When it's all blended with this that and those, you might not taste it.


Okay now that we're done with all the greeny veggies, we can finally get to some sweet fruits, yes?

Apple is the top choice. but I wouldn't say that I love the fruit. I don't hate it either. I'm kind of stuck in the ‘if you give me I eat but I don't chase’ group with apples.

But these guys are really healthy. It's packed with Vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. If you want fiber, this fruit can also give it to ya. 


Do I still need to mention that watermelon is loaded with water? I guess don't (pfffft, but I already did) 

The name says it all. Besides if you've eaten it before, you know that things can get really nasty if you don't watch how you eat.

But I have to admit, I do love em. They also contain Vitamin C in high amounts. One cup of sliced watermelon gives you 46 calories.


My mom loves oranges, boy!. It's like the only fruit she stops to buy to bring home. Then she opens the grocery bag and I'm like ‘oranges again?’

But they can be delicious, but I'm not a very big fan of it. But something that we all learned when we like what? 5? Is that orange is a master source of Vitamin A

And yes you also get Vitamins like Vitamin A, B, fiber, and calcium. As a result of eating oranges very often, I've learned a unique way of enjoying this fruit. But you can just peel it and slice out the sections.

Lime lemons

The two just go together, lemons and it's older brother lime. But then think of it, have you ever sliced lime or lemon and eaten it raw?

No? But I have, weird ones like me might have tried it and lemme warn you it's not sweet. It's sour. But deliciously kind of sour. Don't let me spoil it for you, try it out yourself.

They are packed with Vitamin C like their cousin, Orange (man what up with me and family). Plus they give you antioxidants

What billions of people do is that they scrape the zest and use it for many recipes. You can also give your water a squeeze of these and drink.


Cucumbers, Salads, they go together. But have you ever had cucumbers alone before? You are not supplementing it with anything, just eating it like alone.

Been there, done that and I'll say I felt nothing. I wasn't bitter. It wasn't like lime. But it wasn't sweet too not like watermelons. It just tasted kind of bland.

But something that you'll find out about this fruit is that it is filled with loads of water. Before you finish it, you'll find that you're surprisingly full. Or at least that's what I felt like

This fruit can help to manage stress and fight with cancer. It also comes along with Vitamins and minerals. You can still eat them with salads, but you can also try to use it to flavor your water. Plus it only has 8 calories for one half cup


For this guy, the science buddies say it's a vegetable. Some others say it's a fruit. I say it's something that humans can eat. 

It doesn't matter what it is, all I know is that they can be real good for the body. You get an ample amount of Vitamin C from tomatoes.

They also contain antioxidants that benefit the body but what it is popular for is its ability to fight cancer. It has a compound that they call lycopene and it helps with cancer and heart health

You get 22 calories 


Grapefruits are just like oranges except for the fact where they have this reddish color on the inside. And in my case, they don’t compare to oranges in terms of taste! (yeah, I should know)

But grapefruits have antioxidants, potassium, and folic acid. You can add to your yogurt and eat with salad.

They also help to reduce the levels of cholesterol and increase the body’s metabolic rate. And anything that increases the body’s metabolism should be hugged.


Yes, I love love carrots. Orange and crunchy, they make the perfect snack. That's right, I love to eat it raw. Now dip it in some lovely sauce and your problems are over!

(damn, and I said that we were done with the veggies) anyways they are full in the beta-carotene and can give Vitamin A. And if you don't know, Vitamin A is like your VIP pass to better eyes. (yup, I could really use some of these)

You get about 53 calories per cup.


Well, I wouldn't say I'm a great fan of this, but it doesn't taste bad. And it doesn't matter what type of mushroom it is, you'll get some fiber, metal and B Vitamins. You get 15 calories in a cup

Just as how meat is rich, full and juicy to you, that's how mushrooms are to vegans. You can try frying some and eating with meat.


Foods to lose weight quickly. Do you want to lose weight? Burning more calories than you actually eat with these 17 zero calorie foods will get you there. Plus they are quite delicious.

Is lettuce not your thing? Splice in a couple of spinach to get a good replacement for your salads. It is rich in folic acid and iron. It's high in Vitamin K and Vitamin A

It's also a great way to add protein to your diet. Plus, you only get 7 calories in a cup.


Ever heard of zoodles before? If you haven't, that's because you are still stuck with the good ol’ noodles. 

It's very common now to make zoodles out of zucchinis. It's a good option if you like your pasta but don't want to go very high in carbs

Zucchinis are a nice way to add fiber and magnesium to your diet. You get about 18 calories per cup. 

And we're ending with Z (see what I did there?)

Natural is the answer

Is there any of these foods that you don't know existed? Okay, maybe apples :) but as you can see, they give you a ton of benefits healthwise. 

That's why one of the steps to losing weight is cutting the junk. Let go of the processed foods and eat something natural and homemade. 

While these foods are healthy, they are also zero-calories. So you get to eat good food and still lose weight. So it's Health - Check, Weight loss - Check, Delicious - heck yeah, double check.

lose weight zero calorie foods.

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