Who knew losing weight could be delicious?

Updated: July 2019

One reason why people do not want to even hear the word diet is because of the restrictions. They've been enjoying their cheesy burger and you just come from nowhere and tell them to stop eating

Oh no, you don't. 

But while gorging down on junk food isn't going to do you any good, starving yourself can even do far worse.

And the thing is that it can be very easy to just keep eating, to keep snaking. The urge to continue is just too strong. And I feel ya.

Snacking is what you do every day. When you're watching Family Guy on a cool chilly night. Just right before bedtime. It's nice, it's delicious

But one of the reasons why a lot of people gain unwanted weight is because of snacking. Okay, snacking is not really the issue, it's what snacking does to you that makes it's so bad.

When you snack, you're taking more calories than your body needs. And more calories means more unused fat which ends up getting stored. The next day, you do the same thing, more snaking, more calories, more unused fat.

So what you'll calculate all this to mean is that snacking is bad. 

But what if I told you that you can snack without causing harm to your body. Yup, if you can get the calories under control and eat the right foods, you'll be fine.

Now, so what are these foods? Not to worry cupcake, we got 11 of em outlined below

Late night fat burning snacks to lose weight

Apple and nut butter

Preferably, peanut butter. Peanut butter, oh gracious, l love love love peanut butter. I could eat them all year long. 

Then pair them with some juicy slices of apple and you have a fantastic snack at your disposal.

Apples are healthy as they give you a lot of nutrients and fiber. Peanut butter also has positive effects on the heart

Celery sticks and dipping

Oh, you lovers of celery here's your chance to make your love manifest. Get some celery sticks and immerse into a dip made with greek yogurt or some low-fat cottage cheese. 

This can really come in handy when I’m craving some crunchy snacks. But you can't just stop at celery, try with some zucchinis, cucumber slices, broccoli florets or peppers. See, the world is your oyster in terms or greeny veggies.

Kale chips

Still, kickin with the crunchy game is kale chips. If you've been snacking on the good ol potato chips, you might want to stop that.

It's not doing you much good, though tasty as they may be. Why not opt for some kale chips instead. 

Kale is healthy, it has fiber, antioxidants and some compounds that can help you to lower blood pressure. So you're enjoying your snack time while still getting your healthy green in your system. Kale chips recipe

Power berry smoothie

Okay maybe you're not in the mood to get your teeth chewing, why not sip on some berries instead. And it's not just berries, you can include some low-fat plain yogurt. 

With berries, you get about 4 grams of fiber and when you add some honey, oh my gracious. Enough of me raising your appetite, get the recipe here  Power Berry Smoothie

Cucumbers slices and hummus

This is also a nice combo. With cucumbers, you get cucurbitacin E (ever heard of that before?) it's actually a compound that can help with cancer

You can make some hummus from olive oil, garlic, and chickpeas to go with it. 

Frozen yogurt

A snack doesn't have to be the main course meal. A simple yogurt will do. And you can spice it up by mixing fat-free plain yogurt with fruit juice. 

When it's well mixed, you can then pour into cups and freeze.

Pear and ricotta cheese

Pear and ricotta cheese is another option to try for a snack. From pear, you get fiber and ricotta cheese gives you protein and calcium.

You don’t have to do anything much, just cut up the pear in half and take out the core.

Then you add the ricotta cheese in and enjoy. And while you're at it, why don’t you throw in about a tsp of cinnamon. 

Whey protein shake

Another liquid snack that doesn't involve chewing. Whey protein originally is great for losing fat and gaining muscle. 

So when you make it into a shake, you just make it easier to take them in. you can even make some yourself without stress.

All you need is about a scoop of whey powder, unsweetened almond milk, stevia, crushed ice. Then you just have to drop them all into a blender and blend on.

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Simple cheese

Yes, you can eat it with avocado or celery, but you don't have to. Cheese is delicious on its own and I think you would agree with me too. 

It is also very filling that you can eat it alone. When you take about 2 servings of cheese each day, you'll be fine and it won't raise LDL cholesterol levels. There are two types of cholesterol, bad and good with LDL being bad.

Baby carrots with salad dressing

Carrots are the bomb. I could eat them all night. They are all orange, juicy, and very crunchy. Sometimes a little too crunchy. Like those times when you chew too much and your teeth begin to ache.

But aside from being delish, carrots give carotenoids, these carotenoids include beta carotene and in turn, beta carotene can be converted to Vitamin A. And Vitamin A is good for the eyes

Eating carrots alone might not be all that fun for you, so why not pair it with some salad dressing. 

Just fruits

Sometimes, you really don't have to look for something expensive or classy to eat. A simple orange can go long way (and come to think of it, oranges are really satisfying)

And you know fruits are very nutritious. You can just easy snack on some apples, pears, bananas (natures sausage) or grapefruit. 

At times I just take some oranges and I'm not able to eat dinner again. I'm just too full to consume anything. A piece of fruit can do a lot to your appetite.

Eat the right snacks

So when next you crave for something to eat, at least you have 11 foods to try out. But hey, you know these are not your only options, right? There are dozens of foods that you can mix and combine to get your snack on.

What you want to be careful about are processed foods, you can get some unhealthy fats from those. Feel free to experiment on whole foods. Veggies, fruits or healthy smoothies.

So don't prevent yourself from eating. Just watch what you eat. And oh yes, make them ready. 

Like you can get a large number of apples from the store so then when those cravings come, you don't find yourself with unhealthy foods, the right foods are right there in your fridge. (or freezer, or anywhere in the galaxy that you store your foods)