Find out if you are doing well with keto

Updated: July 2019

The only reason you would want to think of starting the keto diet is for you to get yourself in ketosis.
And if you haven't reached ketosis, you can say that it feels like you are running without reaching the finish line (remind you of the threadmill?). Futile! No end prize

Ketosis is a metabolic state where your body no longer burns glucose for energy, now it burns fat which is then converted to ketones. Your body then uses these ketones as fuel or as you know it; energy

But then, what really makes ketosis the goal you should chase? 

It's really simple. Entering ketosis is like entering Treasure Island. That's when you start to experience all the goodies of keto. You the thing you so wish for; weight loss.

So you're starting a diet for you to lose weight, imagine how it would crush your heart when you realize that you're not losing weight. (psst, maybe thats what you are feeling right now.)

And that's the thing with keto. You don't just automatically enter ketosis when you begin the diet. It's gonna take a little time. So how do you know that you're in ketosis? 

Cause who knows, maybe you're actually in ketosis and you don't have you feel so bad. Okay this is where I come in. I've got you covered with these ketosis signs to find out if you've just gotten there

Signs and symptoms to know if you're in ketosis

Less hunger

Definitely one of the ketosis signs worth mentioning. When you start the keto diet, one of the remarkable things that happen to you is that you feel hunger less often. 

in fact, you may find yourself eating smaller portions than usual. You only eat what's necessary to keep you going

Many who eat more carbs find that after stuffing themselves up, they feel hungry after a short while. Now that's something that I can relate to. I just kept eating till even after I was full ( well can you blame me, it just gets so delicious). But then in a short while my belly's ringing for more food.

The reason why this happens is that the carbs convert to glucose and the body uses glucose pretty quickly

But when then with fat, what you have is a reliable source of energy that can last you ages. You don't get to feel the need for snacking in between meals. In fact, there's a good chance that you might skip a meal, yeah cause you're not hungry

Which if you ask me is a good thing and a relief. Less money going out of your pocket to buy food, eh? Wink wink.

Don't say I didn't tell you when you start eating just 2 times a day and you still don't feel hungry. That's why you need to plan your meals. This will enable to be able to reach your macro goal so you don't forget to eat.

Dry mouth/ Increased thirst

When you cut low on carbs and your body starts producing ketones, your body tends to lose water and electrolytes rather quickly. 

And when you don't take enough water to replace the lost ones, you find that your mouth becomes dry and you feel thirstier quickly

Hold on, don't panic, there's no reason to be afraid. It's a good thing; You're in ketosis cupcake. Yes!. you just want to make sure that you drink lots of water. That's all.

But hold on, don't rejoice just yet. When your body starts losing water, it loses electrolytes with it. But still, this is no big deal. You want to ensure that you take enough sodium. And when I say sodium I'm talking about salt.

You just increase your salt intake and you're good. Now, you can celebrate

Bad breath

Talking about something that I dislike about the keto diet, bad breath tops the list. You start to wonder if you didn't brush your teeth for 3 days. (i may be exaggerating a little bit).

But the reason why this happens is just because your body is making a lot of ketones. 

And yeah that's great. But then not all the ketones get used up the excess is transformed into acetones and trust me when I say that this does not have the most pleasant smell

Its only escape route from the body is through urine and our mouths

To combat this and at least not get people wrinkling their noses when they talk to you, you should try to brush your teeth more often than normal.

Okay this bad breath is not as bad as is made it but you will experience something similar

You could also keep sugar-free gums at bay. Sugar-free gums I said. Don't use gums as your excuse to taste sugar. You'll get kicked out of ketosis the same way you came in.

Thankfully this won't last forever. Should stay around long. Give it a little time and it'll disappear

Short term fatigue

When you cut low on carbs, another thing you feel is weakness and fatigue

You see, all these decades, these years, your body is accustomed to using sugar for energy. So when you don't give it, it whines. But you give in.

So it grudgingly produces a small number of ketones and uses for energy. Now that not enough to sustain you. So you feel weak and tired

Also, your body is losing quite a lot of electrolytes. Again just as we said earlier, you want to take more sodium to help replenish electrolytes. You also want to add some magnesium and potassium.

You virtually wan to take 2000 - 4000 mg of sodium, 1000 mg of potassium and 300 mg of magnesium

Increased energy and focus

"Really Jason, am I 5. You just said  that it'll make me feel weak and now it'll... it'll make me strong?"

I know I said that. But here's the deal. When you first get into ketosis, your brain and body still need to adapt to burning ketones rather than glucose for fuel causing fatigue. 

But then it gets used to it and is doing a good job. Your body is now more proficient in producing ketones and burning fat.

It is no longer the whining baby that cries for glucose. Instead, it has now matured into a full fat-burning machine that uses ketones effectively

The more your body burns more ketones, the more abundant the supply of fuel for your brain becomes. And when your brain has the energy it needs to function, you find that you can focus for long periods

No more heavy eyes during the day, no more feeling like need to take coffee to stay alive, you have enough energy to take on the world

Decrease in performance

This goes together with the short-term fatigue ketosis signs. Usually, fatigue or lack of energy will lead to a drop in performance especially when you exercise. 

As a result of less energy to perform well, you may find that some workouts seem harder than normal. But as said before, you don't need to panic, your body is still adjusting to its ‘new fuel'. 

Though it's different for everybody, in a few weeks you should have an endless supply of energy flowing through your veins

Increased ketones

When you're in ketosis, your body will produce a lot of ketones (goes without saying). You've been diligent enough with your diet of eating a lot of fat. This is then transformed into ketones.

There are ways that you can use to check the amount to ketones in your body. Like if you use a specialized meter to check the amount of ketones in your blood

Another way is to use a breath analyzer to measure the amount of acetone in your breath. But you should know that this is not accurate as a blood meter

Weight loss

Okay, this is what people are eager to see. Boy, why didn't I mention this earlier? Was trying to save the best of the last, but then I couldn't hold my self.

Weight loss is one obvious signs of ketosis. When you start the keto diet and your body starts to burn more and more fat, you will definitely lose weight

But here's the thing. At the beginning of your journey, this weight loss is not as a result of the fat being used up. It is because the water in the fat cells is being released.

The fat cells hold much water and as a result, are not able to flow through the bloodstream. With keto, however, the water is released hence you will lose weight.

Once the water weight is dropped, any weight loss can be attributed to the body burning up excess fat.


You must have been delighted when we learned that keto makes one less sleepy and tired during the day but full of energy

Well, that energy extends to the night and you find yourself struggling to sleep. This is because carbs are known for making one feel sleepy. 

I've lost count of the number of times I've just felt like hugging the pillow after a heavy dose of tubers. Tubers - carbs. Carbs - sleep.

So when you cut low on carbs, you're like cutting low on the food that drives the body to sleep. Just like the other ‘unfavorable' symptoms, this too only lasts for a short while

Once your body becomes keto-adapted, you'll sleep well. Many even say that they need less sleep before they feel energized.

Digestive issues

By transitioning to keto, you undergo a major change of what you eat normally. As a result, it can cause some digestive issues such as Constipation

One thing that you may find is that you can go for days without going to the bathroom. To help, you may need to add some more fiber to your meals

You may also experience diarrhea. When you start noticing this, remember you're not ill. Keto is not making you sick. Your body is still adapting to it that's all.

As you plan your diet, make sure that add some variety. If not, you raise the risk of having digestive issues. Plus you miss out on some nutrients.

Take it easy, don't stress

So far, we've learned about several signs to help you know whether you're in ketosis. If you’ve been seeing these signs of ketosis, well congratulations, you made it.

But what if you're on the keto diet and haven't experienced these signs. Take it easy, don't stress. You don't have to be worked that you're not in ketosis. 

Dedicate more to trying to keep to your diet. Try your best to cut the carbs and consume fats. 

Because you read how a person lost 12 pounds in 6 days and you struggling to lose 4 doesn't mean that you should be downhearted.

Something you just have to get about this keto thing is that it's different for everybody. Our body will react differently to the things well give it. 

There's no one hard and fast rule. Keto differs for everyone.

But once you remove the carbs and increase the fats know your macros and all that, you'll be doing yourself much good. That's what you should focus on.