Reaching ketosis should be a breeze

Updated: July 2019

So you started the keto diet after hearing all the preaching about its goodness. Or maybe you're still thinking of starting it. Either way, you want to see success with the diet. Who doesn't? 

And success on keto means getting to ketosis. Good, you know that and that's why you're striving for it. But you want results fast.

No one has that patience to wait for ages just to get into ketosis and I feel your pain. The faster reach something, the more hyped you are to continue.

Starting the keto diet is really not hard. Do some meal plan, sit back and eat. But what you may find as a challenge is getting into ketosis

Ketosis is when the body begins producing ketones. Fat is able to go to the liver and be transformed into ketones. The body needs this to burn fat. If all that makes no sense to you, then you should really check out the Ultimate guide to the keto diet.

You done with that? Great, now lets continue.

If you are feeling like crap for not entering ketosis, it's very well understandable. That's when you start to be blessed with the goodies. That's when you get what you so want; Weight loss.

But before your body can get to ketosis, there should be less glucose in the body.

The more glucose the body has, the more the more it will continue to ask for it. And when the body burns glucose for energy, you can't get to ketosis. 

So if you want to get to ketosis, your body needs to focus on burning fat for fuel. Not glucose but fats. When it starts to burn fat, you start to lose weight, you start shedding some pounds, you start seeing reduced numbers on the scale.

You really should check out that keto guide if all this sounds alien.

So what are the steps you have to take to get your body to stop burning glucose and use the fats? It so happens that i've got 7 tips to get this show on the road

Tips to help you get into ketosis fast

Ditch dem carbs

The slogan for the keto diet is ‘low-carb, high-fat’. You play by the rules, you win. you dont, you are disqualified.

You certainly don't expect to get into ketosis by consuming a high amount of carbs.

And that is the most important thing to do on keto. Even if you forget everything here, this should stick; Lower Your Carb Intake. Seriously, this is capable of completely making or totally breaking your diet.

Carbohydrates transform into glucose.

The body prefers to use up glucose for energy. And while you can just leave it to continue burning up glucose, this will prevent ketosis from kicking in. No ketosis, No weight loss.

The next thing that will come to mind is not to eat carbs at all, but you don't want to totally eliminate carbs. Keto is a low carb diet not a no carb diet

So our next option is to bring our intake low. You want to reduce your carb intake to as low as 20 grams per day. 

Pfft! You could even lower if you want. You're doing your best to get the carbs out of your life.

But it's not only carbs, strike sugars out of your plan too. Sugars =  Glucose. That means no more soda and candy breaks.

Yup, I know. Harsh right! But trust me it'll all be worth it when you fit into your old jeans again. Lower your carbs intake and you increase your chances of getting into ketosis.

Hug those fats

Again with the slogan. ‘High-fat diet’. Since you're going to be restricting your carb consumption, you need something to fill yourself up with. And so we have fatty foods

Now before you arch your brows at the fact that you need to eat fats to burn fats, the keto guide explains why that is completely sane.

The fats that you want to consume are healthy fats. The ones you get from coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, and others. 

You don't want to take in processed oils saying that you'll get fats from them. You'll ruin your healthy lifestyle. Stay with the healthy fats.

So you're keeping notes right. Less Carbs, More Fats. what's next?


It's been carved on stone that exercise is a way to living healthy and on the keto diet it's not different. 

While you can get into ketosis without doing exercise, you are trying to speed things up here so you need every edge you can get.

When you do exercise on keto, your body starts to use up its storage of glucose more quickly. Since you're eating fewer carbs already, your glucose level should be running low already.

But we need to get the bad boy out as much as we can. So engage in exercise to deplete your body’s glycogen stores. And when that's depleted, the body will find something else to burn, which is fat. 

And no you don't have to spend long hours in the gym trying to sweat it all out. But you do have to engage in some form of physical activity.

Besides, when you eventually get into ketosis, you'll have a boost physical performance.

Go fasting

Before you roll your eyes and quit this post, this is not the fast where you starve yourself of food or a whole day or two.

The fast I'm talking of here is what they call intermittent fasting. This is where you don't eat nothing for 16 hours of the day. Which gives you the rest of the 8 hours to enjoy your food.

With this, you aren't really starving yourself for a long time, you still give yourself a time frame to eat. 

This is not going to be a walk in the park, especially for those who snack until they lack. In fact, you don't even eat keto snacks. We are trying to do the same thing here; getting the body to burn off its glucose supply then start burning fat.

While it's a tad bit challenging, it is totally doable. Also considering the fact that you spend about half of the 16 hours in bed. So you're really just fasting for 8 hours.

It's all to speed things up.

Add some coconut oil

When you include coconut oil in your meal, it'll help you get into ketosis. It has what they call MCTs. This type of fat is absorbed by the body very quickly and as a result, it's used immediately used for energy

When the fat is absorbed, it is taken to the liver with then uses it to make ketones. Ketones translate into ketosis. More ketones, more chances of ketosis.

You don't want to add all the bottle to your meal in one go. Slowly introduce it in your diet especially if you're not used to it.

This will help to reduce the chance of having diarrhea or cramps. Add about 1 tsp each day to your meals. Then in a week, you can up to 2 tbsp.

Protein balance

The fact that you're not consuming many carbs doesn't mean that you won't have glucose in your system at all. 

There's something that you can let off guard that can prevent ketosis; Protein. The last part to the keto slogan is ‘adequate protein’. Adequate, meaning not too much

Too much and it will be transformed into glucose. This can very well reduce your chances of getting into ketosis in the blink of an eye

So you get the point, don't eat too much protein. Cool.


You don't want to overdo it. Because they can get converted to glucose doesn't mean you should run away from them

Protein helps the body to gain muscle mass. And what you don't want is for the body to eat from the muscles. Not having enough protein will exactly that; reduce muscle. 

Adequate means moderate. Eat just enough protein but not too much.

Drink water

Water is very important. It helps to get nutrients to travel to the cells and eliminates toxins. It also helps in digestion. It is vital to drink enough water each day to stay hydrated.

I get it, so how does that translate to keto

Water gives the liver a boost in producing ketones and losing weight. Okay. when there's not enough water in the body, the liver has to help.

It's like a failsafe plan of the body, the liver will help in performing some functions that water serves. As a result of being busy somewhere else, the liver abandons its task of producing ketones.

Ketones are then produced slowly thereby losing less weight. 

By nature, keto can dry you out of water. So you need to keep fueling with water as the day goes by. 

One thing to help in knowing how much water to drink is to drink half of your body weight. Then drink in ounces. Meaning?. For someone who weighs 200 pounds, half will be 100 pounds. Just change the pounds to ounces. So they'll drink 100 ounces

Does the bland taste of water make it hard for you to drink plenty? Add some lemon to make it a little easier on the tongue

It doesn't take 5 minutes

It's not easy to get into ketosis. It's hard enough trying to get into ketosis fast. But it is possible if you know what to do. And now you do.

But that does not mean that in a matter of minutes you'll be in ketosis land. Different bodies will react to keto differently. The same method that helped A to get to ketosis in 24 hours might be used by B but still took 2 days.

But there's something that you can be guaranteed of. If you stick to the keto diet, follow these tips, you'll surely get into ketosis.

One thing that you definitely don't want to do is stress over the fact that you aren't getting into ketosis as fast as someone else. Really dear, you don't need that headache.

Pssst! Maybe you're in already and you just haven't figured it out yet. Have a look at the signs to tell you if you are in ketosis.