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Updated: July 2019

Let's face it losing weight isn't easy. Yes, there are things that you can do to get you to burn fat like going keto (had to sneak that in). You can change your eating plan.

You can spend 4000 years in the gym. And yes you will lose weight when you go through with those methods. But all the same, it requires commitment and some work. 

You put in the effort and stick to a plan, but you are not seeing the results you want. Granted you are seeing results but not as you would like.

While it is true that fat wouldn't melt like ice cream on a sunny day, it shouldn't take ages also. When it does, you feel discouraged. You feel like nothing you do works.

Trust me, I've been there and I'll tell you what need. you need an edge. Something that would grease your slide into losing weight.

Wouldn't it be nice to have something to give your body some kind of boost for it to burn fat? It sure would believe me. And that's why we have supplements and vitamins.

As you know, the body is not meant to accumulate fat. It's meant to burn it. But things can happen then it burns glucose and fats get piled up.

To get you to shift the body's focus to actually burning fat, pills are a good option, and that are supplements and vitamins

Don't get me wrong, you can't take these pills and expect to wake up the next morning as light as a feather. but just as the name rightly says, it ‘supplements’ the machine of the body to the right thing

And with vitamins., vitamins are natural it's no surprise that it would help the body to do the natural. I've compiled 10 of them that you would need to quicken the process.

Matcha green tea

One great option to try when losing weight is some matcha green tea. This tea contains EGCG, this is an antioxidant that will give your metabolism a boost and prevent the growth of fat cells and reduce insulin activity.

Something that you can do is swap this for your regular coffee. When you take coffee, it has an effect on your blood sugar. This can affect weight loss. But with matcha tea, you get the caffeine that you so desire while still losing weight.

For making a normal tea, you just dip the tea bag in. that way you get the taste of the tea, but the powder has been filtered out in the bag. i

But for matcha tea, you get it in powder form. As a result, you can get a taste of all the goods that it has to offer. Nothing is filtered out, it's just you and the tea.

EGCG boosts the metabolism when you exercise. So if you actually want to lose weight with matcha, you don't want to sit around all day and sip your tea. Add some physical fitness sort of thing to it.

Vitamin D

When the body is low in Vitamin D, it will start to convert sugar into fat. And it's not that it burns the fat, it keeps it for later use. That, you don't want.

It has also been noticed that those who are overweight have lower levels of Vitamin D. This is also the case for those who are physically inactive. 

Studies have also shown that overweight individuals that took Vitamin D supplements ended up losing more fat in the belly area that those that did not take any.

It's important to get a regular dosage of Vitamin D. You might brush off this fact because you think that you are getting the required dosage through the sun. But when was the last time you stood outside because you wanted to get Vitamin D from the sun.

Never? That's why you need some Vitamin D supplements. 

You can get calcium from Vitamin D and this also helps in losing weight. You having Vitamin D supplements is not a do or die affair, but it will surely help. If you decide not to take Vitamin D supplements, you can still make do with eating Vitamin D rich foods.

Protein powder

This is like a must-have if you are trying to lose weight. This is because the body will burn calories faster when it has its regular dose of protein. Protein helps the body to gain muscle mass.

While the body mainly uses fats and carbs for fuel, it would store it rather than burn it if you are not involved in some physical activity. This, therefore, will get you to gain more weight.

I was looking to build some muscle recently and after all the research, I found that exercise and a steady dose of protein will make that happen. And when you maintain your muscle growth, you are not giving fat a chance to accumulate.

A normal dose of protein per day is 56g. Not all of us actually get that amount of protein each day. And unless you are constantly tracking your meal, you will need something that will make it easier for you to get more protein.

This is why protein powder is very popular. You don't have to worry much about protein when you take it. You'll be able to achieve your protein needs each day and you can get take extra if you'll be physically active.

The most popular type of protein is whey protein. This one is packed with amino acids that will be taken in by the body very quickly, as a result, you'll be able to get the benefits quicker. And no to forget the fact that it also helps in weight loss. 

Combine a normal dose of whey protein with some exercise and you'll be shedding weight and getting some muscles at the same time. 

Fish oil

Using fish oil to lose weight is a great option. It contains omega-3 fatty acids. Now what this omega-3 does is that it speeds up the fat burning process. 

It ignites the cells and gets them to burn fat. So with the cells all fired up, they are ready to fight against the unwanted fats in the body. And since the omega-3 will be doing all the work, exercise is not a must (but it is a good addition)

Omega-3 also does some other benefits like improving the health of the heart and helping in balancing the level of cholesterol in the body. All these benefits are great for those who need them but here's another that I found appealing.

Fish oil does a good job of reducing appetite and helping you feel satiated. Now another thing that helps the body to lose weight is when you eat lesser calories that you are supposed to. And since you'll be less hunger with fish oil, you won't eat much.

As a result, you'll eat fewer calories and you'll drop weight. Though this satiated feeling that fish oil gives you is not the kind that you eat in the morning and by night you're still not hungry. But you won't feel like you can gorge down the entire mountain. So you'll eat little portions.

You can get omega-3 and fish oil in some foods, but they are not many. Because of this, taking some fish oil supplements is like the best thing that you can do for your self.

Raspberry ketones

These are found in raspberries (duh). You can find a synthetic form of raspberries ketones packaged as a  supplement for weight loss.

And the way this works is that it increases the breakdown of fat and increases a hormone that is believed to help in weight loss. When you use this, you may notice that your burp gets that raspberry smell. But you'll live.


Now this one's popular. It is said that the most popular psychoactive substance in the world is caffeine. 

When you take caffeine, it will make you more alert, give you an increase in energy. Studies have proven that using caffeine can increase the burning of fat by 29%. And this will help burn calories. More calories lost, more weight loss.

Though can find caffeine in coffee and green tea. You can give your body a boost by taking some supplements with caffeine. 

But be careful. Taking too much can cause anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and other symptoms. 


This is gotten from the roots of konjac, the elephant yam. The way glucomannan works is that it will absorb water, therefore, becoming like a gel. 

It then stays in the gut and when it stays there, you start to feel full. When you feel full, you don't feel the need to eat or eat much. Therefore, you eat fewer calories.

Studies have shown that you shouldn't glucomannan to work as much when you eat just. But when you combine this supplement with a healthy diet, you can have a chance of losing about 8 pounds in 5 weeks

It also has other benefits like lowering blood sugar and blood cholesterol. 

When using this fiber, there's a chance that you will experience flatulence and bloating. Also if you take some other oral medications, it can also interfere with them.


This one is an amino acid that is the body produces and it has been shown to help people lose weight. People that are lacking in carnitine and carnitine deficiency have been shown to be overweight…

Some people who didn't change their daily routine, their diets lost about 1 pound of body fat in four weeks. Plus the fact that they did not increase their exercise levels.

Using carnitine can get the body to transfer fat to the cells for them to be converted to energy. And then this process happens, your appetite is suppressed. So the body burns fat and you don't get hungry.

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA)

CLA has been one of the popular supplements to lose weight. You can find this naturally in meats and other dairy products like butter and cheese.

CLA, boost metabolism and then stimulates the breakdown of fat. It also reduces appetite which has we have discussed is a good thing.

Though you can experience some digestive issues and in the long term, inflammation and insulin resistance.

Green coffee bean extract

When we say green coffee beans, it's just ordinary coffee beans. What just makes them different is that they have not yet been roasted. That's what makes them green.

Why this is said to help in weight loss is because it contains caffeine and chlorogenic acid. These two are believed to help lose weight.

, as we said before, can help to increase the burning of fat in the body and chlorogenic acid and increase the time that carbs take to be broken down. 

While green coffee bean extract has been shown to be able to get one to lose weight, it can also help to reduce blood pressure and blood sugar.

It's an addition

Now with all the 10 supplements that have been mentioned, they are known and studied to help with losing weight. Supplements like caffeine and green tea will help to increase the burning of fat and ultimately weight loss.

But see, you can't use these pills and expect to drop some hefty pounds. While they will do a great job at helping your metabolism and make you lose a few pounds, that's all you get.

Use them but don't rely solely on them. Have some plan that you use these supplements to supplement (dunno if that makes sense). Like having a healthy plan of eating.

If you're actually looking to lose some serious weight, you could try keto, set a goal not to eat processed foods but only fresh ones. Just make sure that you have only supplements in your arsenal. 

If you would like to start keto, have a look at the beginners guide to keto. Keto follows one of the most guaranteed ways to lose weight; cutting back on carbs and eating more fats

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